About Joann McPike

Joann McPike is a world-travelling photographer and author. Her book THINK features her photographs from around the world. McPike is also the founder of a private nonprofit high school, THINK Global School, which takes its students around the world to 12 different countries as it teaches them to understand the world through cultural immersion.

When Joann McPike founded THINK Global in 2010, she aimed to provide her son and other high school children with the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world. By interacting with other students from around the world, learning at schools around the world, and directly experiencing diverse cultures and viewpoints, McPike intends for THINK Global students to become globally aware young adults, capable of excelling in both academics and their adult lives.

Joann McPike developed her idea for THINK Global after observing the effects of extensive world travel in her son. By age 14, he had visited more than 70 counties. The experience had greatly developed his depth of knowledge, confidence, independence, and his ability to lead. In seeking proper secondary education for him, McPike looked into schools in Europe, North America, and Australia, but found that even international boarding schools offered only a single view of the world, colored by the school’s location and history. In founding THINK Global, she created the school she wanted for her son and a new opportunity for other children.


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