Joann McPike: THINK Global School Spends Term in Buenos Aires

The founder of THINK Global School (TGS), Joann McPike has traveled to dozens of countries around the world, taking photographs and immersing herself in other cultures. Through TGS, Ms. McPike offers students the extraordinary experience of completing their high school education while living in 12 different countries.

During the first term of the 2012-2013 school year, students from TGS lived and studied in Buenos Aires. In this lively capital city, the school’s talented teachers incorporated local culture, cuisine, language, and history into their curricula. Thanks to this educational model, students are able to learn experientially and become fully engaged in course subjects.

Instead of studying the South American city’s famous European architecture from images in a textbook, students walk the streets of Buenos Aires and learn about the European influences that helped give it its unique character. Additionally, the city provides a relevant backdrop for studying Argentina’s désaparecidos or “the disappeared,” and other challenging human rights subjects. Finally, students hone their Spanish language skills by communicating with locals and immersing themselves in the culture around them.


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